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The search for missing or abducted persons

  • comprehensive exploration activities (without territorial restrictions)
  • combat search and rescue
  • recovery of persons
  • protection and psychosocial assistance

Detective Services

  • preparation of materials for civil proceedings
  • gathering information for criminal proceedings
  • economic issues
  • eavesdropping
  • systems and security audits
  • penetration tests (Pentest)

Ensuring personal safety

  • explicit protection in the formula and classified on the area around the world

Identification and monitoring of critical infrastructure

Ensuring the security of business

  • detection of industrial espionage
  • verifying the reliability of employees and business partners, also in terms of susceptibility to corruption and respect the clauses of competitiveness
  • due delligence
  • verification of documents, analysis of personal relationships between members of management or shareholders of companies, equity analysis of the links between companies
  • check the legal status of movable and immovable property

Recovery of lost property (movable and immovable)

Education and training

  • mental training and management of crisis situations
  • techniques and methods of interrogation
  • training in survival situations hostage
  • prevention within marriage and partnership
  • checking fidelity

Assistance and legal protection