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Oblivion Foundation is a social initiative of the constituting the response to the growing needs of the people associated with the proper and free functioning in changing conditions and surroundings. Our goal is to support all activities related to the dissemination of, respect for and protection of human rights, its safety, understood as a guarantee of freedoms and civil liberties, as well as the development of local communities.

We come from different backgrounds civilian and uniformed m. al. special services, police, rescue, special forces and special forces operators. The activities carried out by the Foundation are based on the experience of professionals with knowledge of both theoretical as well as practical acquired in the course of ongoing action. Oblivion Foundation training activities conducted by lecturers - practitioners with many years of operating experience, ensuring the highest level of knowledge and current knowledge in fields related to the wider security.

In the interests of our customers feel comfortable Foundation does not provide detailed information on the orders carried out, thus providing customers with anonymity and a sense of security from the moment of first contact until the end of operations, unless otherwise specified in the client's will.